My Alpaca Experiences

Magic’s Cria

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, very sorry! My boss ended up deciding to get out of the alpaca business. Terribly sad! He now only wants to focus on horses and so many alpacas have gone to other farms so far. There are about 35 alpacas left on the farm. It is shocking to see them all gone. 😦 

On a more positive note, one of the few alpacas we have left, (and one of my favorites) has given birth to a healthy and beautiful little boy! Here are some pictures of Magic’s new cria.

Alpaca Clips

​​​​Alpacas chasing us!


Introducing a new cria to the group!


Golden Perfection chasing off Clyde! 


Recent Alpaca PicsπŸ€—

Satin Allegra’s Cria
Raven and I
Alpacas are always getting into trouble!
Zaira needs a teeth trimming
Misty May and a cria group
Satin A Cria again. Such a cutie!
Pronking through the pasture
Breathless and Bonnie
Getting a dustbath
More trouble 😐
Oops that is just me 😏

Not An Alpaca Post…

I know I have only shared stories about our alpacas but I am going to break that streak by sharing a little about a new friend we have on the farm. Everyone meet Shakira the cow! We found her a few weeks ago and thought she was dead in the cold snow. However she slightly flinched her leg and we took action. We brought her inside and got her warmed up. We got some milk in her and she was able to be brought back from near death! We tried to get her back to her momma but she didn’t want to let her nurse. She is now our little bottle baby! 

I love Shakira! She has such an awesome personality, I wasn’t even aware cows could be so cool 😎 She loves to play, especially with our two australian shepherd puppies. β€‹


Sorry for the non-alpaca post! I just had to share with you all! ❀️

Alpaca Success Story

This is Checkmate’s Sadee. About 2 months ago we noticed she was pretty weak and lethargic. We brought her from the pasture into our main barn. Her back legs were very weak and she could barely stand. We guessed she had contracted a meningeal  worm, which was a parasite that alpacas could contract from deer (feces). This parasite affects the brain of an alpaca. It is very dangerous and can lead to paralysis very quickly. 

There is however no test to confirm this disease. We started her on the treatment right away but by the next day she had became paralyzed in the back legs and could not stand on her own. She would often get stuck on her side unable to move without the help of one us. We treated her for about 2 1/2 weeks with little to no progress. 

Finally she began to get some use of her back legs and not long after she could stand for short amounts of time on her own. A few days ago she was able to finally able to return back outside with a small group of other alpacas who were also recovering from some health issues. She is walking and doing great! Here are some pictures of her first day outside in about 2 months. She is very pleased to be almost back to her old self!

Queen B has a cria

One of our alpacas I call Queen B (due to her ‘lovely’ attitude) had an cria yesterday afternoon. Queen B’s real name is Satin Allegra and we hadn’t realized she was even pregnant. We found the small cria out in our large pasture where we keep the unbred girls. He is a sweet little thing! His mom on the otherhand is NOT. She is mean and a nasty spitter. β€‹



Sorry for the language! 😬

Latest births

We have had two more births in the last couple weeks! Accoyosynthesis, a partially blind alpaca gave birth to a very bright white baby girl! 

Royal Damiani gave birth to a baby boy. We have been patiently waiting for this birth due to the fact that Mom was getting so huge. He is a big boy! 

Alpacas Sunbathing

Alpacas really seem to enjoy sunbathing. Here are some pics! 😊

Happy Day, Sad Day.Β 

Well today I have some good news as well as some bad. As I was going to feed the pregnant Alpaca group this afternoon I was happy to spot a little head peeking out of the grass pasture. Golden Compass had just given birth to a little girl. She would be the first color we had gotten out of the sire, Divine Love. Previously we have only gotten whites out of this male regardless of who we bred him to. We were quite excited. 

However that excitement was short lived when I happened to notice another Alpaca bent down not too far from where the new Mom and baby were at. I then saw Girl’s Best friend had also given birth to but I could tell something wasn’t right. She had a stillborn baby boy. She was crying for him but sadly there was no answer back. Always a sad sight to see the confused Mothers. 

Golden Compass and her 12 pound girl

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